Ron Howard Tells Tragic, Yet Heartwarming Story About His Parents


Former child actor and acclaimed director Ron Howard recently appeared on actor siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson’s podcast, alongside his brother, actor Clint Howard. The pair talked about their parents and the new book they co-authored, “The Boys.”

Howard Shared Personal Story About His Parents’ NYC Trip

In a clip Kate shared to her Instagram, Howard described his parents’ last visit to New York before his mother died in 2000. “One of the things that she wanted to do was go back to New York and see New York again,” the director said. “So Dad took her back.”

“They wanted to see the apartment where they had really been those, you know, bohemian kids,” Howard continued. “They pulled up — and this is so much like a movie, or a Dickens novel — [they see] literally a wrecking ball swinging through the air, taking the building out!”

Even though Howard thought this was a terrible thing to see, his mom thought differently. “Here’s my mom’s vibe, which he tried to convey in the book,” he said. “I said, ‘Mom, were you disappointed by that?’ and she said, ‘Oh, no, we felt really lucky…lucky that we got to be the last ones to see it.’”

Raised By Actors

The Howard brothers also spoke about what it was like to grow up as child actors, with parents who acted as well. The Hudson siblings could relate to this; their parents are actress Goldie Hawn and actor, musician, and comedian Bill Hudson. However, their parents divorced when both siblings were very young, and they were raised by Hawn and her longtime partner, actor Kurt Russell. 

Kate has previously said that she considers Russell her father, telling Vanity Fair, “My [biological] father doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.” She echoed that sentiment when talking to Detour magazine, saying, “Kurt is a savior who came into my life. He’s been there for everything.”

Howard’s Latest Projects

In addition to his new book, Howard has another exciting project in the works: a 10-part documentary series about the New England Patriots. The show, called The Dynasty, has been picked up by Apple for its streaming service. 

Howard also has another movie ready for release. Thirteen Lives tells the story of the world-famous rescue mission that took place in Thailand after a group of young boys and their soccer coach became trapped in a system of underground caves that started to flood.

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