Roofer had to cut his own boot after he used a nail gun to pierce his entire foot.


After a nail gun was used to puncture his foot, a roofer had to remove his own boot.

Rob Owen (36), was working on the second floor when he tripped. He then leaned forward in an effort to stop his fall.

The father-of-two continued to walk down the scaffolding 20 feet high and to hospital. However, doctors could not do an x-ray because of his metal-tipped boot.

After five hours of waiting, the 36-year old took out the Stanley knife and cut his boot to expose his toe, which was pinned to his boot’s sole.

Doctors couldn't do an x-ray due to his metal tipped boot
Due to his metal-tipped boot, doctors couldn’t take an xray.

The nail had rivets that prevented it from being pulled out by the medics. They had to take the head off the nail and push it through the foot.

Rob from Stockport, Greater Manchester said that the nail had penetrated the bone. “I was in shock. The adrenaline was really pumping.

“It all happened so quickly – in a split second. At first I didn’t notice, but then I saw the nail sticking out my boot’s top.

After waiting for five hours, he grabbed the Stanley knife from his pocket and cut the boot himself
After waiting five hours, he pulled out the Stanley knife from his pocket to cut the boot.

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“I’m just so lucky. It was a clean hole right through the bone in my toe, so there was no bleeding. Otherwise I could have bled to death in my boot.

“It was funny to see the boot sole of my boot pinned to my foot. It will be a great story to tell, especially if I start limping when I’m 50.”

The nail went right through the bone, so there was no bleeding
There was no bleeding because the nail passed right through bone.

Rob, who was a roofer for almost 20 years, screamed at himself when he shot him. This alerted a colleague, who drove him five miles to Wythenshawe Hospital, in Manchester.

The father had to work five weeks and said: “I’ll be more cautious when I’m using a nail gun now. If one was to hit you in the head you’d be dead.”