Rosalia shares a hilarious story about Harry Styles texting a stranger instead of her ahead of the ‘SNL Debut


Spanish singer Rosalía is making her musical debut on SNLZoe Kravitz hosted the event, while Latin Grammy winner Zoe Kravitz stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ahead of the exciting gig. During her interview, Rosalía shared a funny story involving Harry Styles and some missent texts. The “Con Altura” singer explainedTo avoid distractions, she changes her phone number often while in the studio. This makes it difficult for her well-known friends to locate her.

Rosalía told Fallon that Styles was trying to get In touch with her about a song of hers he loved, but she had changed her number. She didn’t know that her old numbers had been given to new users after she was done with them. “So Harry Styles texts you, thinking it’s you, but someone else has the phone number?” Fallon asked, and Rosalía pulled out the screenshots as proof.

“I thought when you use a phone number, then it disappears,”She elaborated. “My friends thought that they were texting me [but] they were texting random people.”Ask the audience “Can you believe he thought he was texting me?” In the screenshot, Styles texted the number telling who he thought was Rosalía that he thought her song was “beautiful.”The other person replied “I know my darling,”He replied, “Love it.” 

Styles received a reply from the person that he loved and they both agreed to it. Then they admitted that it was a case involving mistaken identity. “Haha sorry, you’re wrong,”They wrote. “I don’t know who you are.”Styles wrote back when he was confused. “This number belongs to someone before. But now it’s my number. So don’t bother me anymore. Good night. Thanks.”Hopefully that person will see this interview and discover that the wrong number was actually Mr. Watermelon Sugar.