Rosie O’Donnell fans gush over star’s new ‘official relationship’ status update


Amy and Rosie O’Donnell, comedians, shared the sweet photo of the couple full of smiles via their social media pages

Rosie O’Donnell fans were delighted to hear that the star has confirmed her relationship with a man.

Rosie and Aimee shared their happy news via Instagram on the first day Pride Month.

Aimee, who posts makeup tutorials to her 85k TikTok followers, took to social media to post a photo of the beaming smiles of the pair as she wrapped her arms around her belle.

She captioned the photo: “Happy PRIDE!”The snap was quickly republished by the comedian on her personal page.

The post was quickly shared by a flurry fans who were quick to jump on it to express their joy and send positive messages to the couple.

One user said simply: “Smiles say it all,”The love heart emoji was followed by another, and the other wrote: “BEAUTIFUL FOREVER.”

A third comment: “Ohhh you two are that…. make my heart smile couple.”

A fourth one replied: “Sweet, you 2 make an adorable pair,”They followed up their words by sending them a variety of rainbow flags and love heart emojis.

Rosie, 60 years old, posted a photo of her hand resting on a woman’s leg a month ago.

Also, the photo showed Sleepless In Seattle’s star with her female co-author as she wrote the post. “How’s ur weekend? #spokane.”

Aimee is not known by her surname, but she shared it on the Lesbian Speaking podcast in 2021 that she was raised as a strict mormon.

She was 21 when she married. “out of duty”she had a girl. She has a son, and she also confessed to podcasting that reconciling her sexuality with her child was difficult because of her childhood teachings.

She also stated that after coming out as gay, she had many other ex-Mormons come to her for their stories.

Rosie was once engaged to Elizabeth Rooney, but after two years together they decided to part ways in 2019.

Kelli Carpenter had been her previous husband. They shared four children.

Michelle Rounds is also her adopted daughter. They were married in 2012 and 2015.

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