Ross Chastain of NASCAR weighs in on his ‘Video Game’ Move for Reaching Championship 4 (Exclusive).


Ross Chastain is enjoying a memorable season. He will do everything possible to win. He demonstrated this last week with a move that can only be seen in video games.Earn a spot at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship raceSunday at the Phoenix Raceway. Chastain gave an exclusive interview to explaining why he doesn’t plan on making a wallride again Sunday or at any race in future. 

“We weren’t doing burnouts in the front stretch, partly because my car wouldn’t even do burnouts, if I tried, it was destroyed,”PopCulture was the exclusive interview with Chastain. “But I was in the car and I don’t really have any interest in doing that again. It was a rough ride. There was a lot happening inside the car. It was violent and that was at our slowest and shortest track. I really couldn’t imagine doing it on purpose anywhere else. So no, no plans, no plans for Phoenix and I didn’t practice it before then. When I say I did it on a video game, I’m talking when I was 12 years old, way back, before I ever even raced at the local level, my very first real race in a race car. So no, it goes against everything that you know as a driver and glad it worked out but I still don’t really know why.”

Chastain moved from 10th to fourth place in the Martinsville race when he pinned his car to an outside wall. He was able to secure a playoff spot and eliminate Denny Hamlin, a three-time Daytona 500 winner. Chastain will be competing against Chase Elliott and Joey Logano for the title. Chastain is well-aware of what he must do to win. 

“What’s so cool about it, man, is just go beat them,”He stated. “That’s what’s so wild, is all of our competitors will be out there, that’s what makes our sport different and I think better is that at least 36 teams race every week, all year. And I still have to pass and I’ll have my teammate, Daniel [Suárez], so to work with, I’ll still have to pass other guys that aren’t in the final four. And I’ve been that guy that’s not in the playoffs, last year and every other year that I’ve ran cup. When I get off or I get worked up or nervous or I get flustered, I’m just like, you know what? I can just dig into our prep work, I can just be as prepared as I can be and I’ll know I’m doing my job.”

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