Rowan Atkinson’s Life – Rowan Atkinson was almost killed in a car accident, his 65th divorce and younger girlfriend.


Rowan Atkinson, an English comedian and actor, has delighted audiences around the world with his charming on-screen persona.

Star was born in 1955. He has played many characters over his four-decade career.

The legend is most well-known for his role on the TV series Blackadder.

The self-titled television show Mr Bean was launched in 1990. It was so loved by viewers that Rowan became a household name worldwide.

Bean won many awards throughout his career for his iconic character. In 1997, he was released to the public as a film. Later, he became an animated series.

Rowan’s career has been successful, but Rowan’s life outside of the spotlight is not well known.

Silver Screen Beat has taken a look at Rowan’s wild life to celebrate his 67th birthday.

Divorce after 65 seconds of marriage

Rowan was married to Sunetra Sastry for 24 years
Rowan was married to Sunetra for 24 years

Rowan met Sunetra Sastry when she was working as a make-up artist at the BBC in the late 1980s.

They later got married in February 1990, and had two children, Benjamin (and Lily)

They remained together for 24 years, and their marriage seemed to be in good shape.

The relationship was rocky in the end, however, when Rowan’s affair became public.

The couple had made plans to get a legal separation in the same year. But what amazed fans more was the speed with which they divorced one year later, in November 2015.

Sunetra, according to reports, filed for divorce on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”.

However, due to the fact that the actor wasn’t present at Central Family Court to hear divorce proceedings, the divorce was concluded in just 65 seconds.

District Judge Stephen Alderson was the one who handled the case and ordered a “quickie”The procedure was completed in less than a minute and the couple was not married.

Younger girlfriend

Rowan and Louise met in 2013
Louise and Rowan met in 2013

Rowan was divorced and began to date Louise Ford, an English actress. Ford is most famous for portraying Kate Middleton’s role in The Windsors.

The loved-up couple first met in 2013 when they both starred in Quartermaine’s Terms in the West End.

Louise, before Rowan, was married to James Acaster (reports say she moved on to Blackadder).

Rowan is 30-years younger than Louise but Rowan and Louise have always maintained that they are equal in age.

The couple welcomed their first child, Isla, in December 2017.

Near death experience

Rowan and his family experienced a near death experience several years ago
Rowan and his loved ones experienced an almost-death experience many years ago.

Rowan received a standing ovation in March 2001 for his heroic actions after his pilot fell unconscious during a flight.

Rowan took quick action when the pilot of the Star was injured in mid-air rescue.

According to reports Rowan is said to have taken control over the Cessna 202 airplane – saving his wife’s life and that of his two children.

It was thought that the actor was on holiday with his family in Kenya at the time of the drama.

Rowan and his ex-wife, along with their two children, were approximately 45 minutes into their journey to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport from Ukundu airportstrip when the pilot of the private aircraft crashed.

After being slapped by the Hollywood star, the pilot eventually recovered consciousness and was able safely land the plane at the airport.

Net worth

The actor is said to be worth millions
The actor is valued at millions

As of 2021, Rowan’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $150million (£111m) thanks to his lucrative acting career.

This is why the comedian is considered one of the most successful comedians in the world.

Rowan has a production company called Hindmeck that is believed to provide him with millions behind-the-scenes.

Even though there were only 15 episodes of the original series, the star made a lot with Mr Bean’s program.

The popular series was shown on more airlines than any other in-flight feature and was sold to 94 countries, earning Rowan approximately £9million, according to reports by The Richest.

Car crash in expensive

Rowan's love for vintage cars has cost him a fortune
Rowan’s love of vintage cars has cost Rowan a fortune

Rowan loves cars and previously raced a Jaguar Mark VII M at Goodwood Revival motor racing festival.

Rowan’s passion to drive specialized vehicles has led to a loss of fortune over time.

Rowan owned an extremely rare McLaren F1 between 1997 and 2015. This McLaren F1 was previously in an Austin Metro collision in October 1999.

After Atkinson apparently lost control at the wheel, the car crashed again in August 2011, setting it ablaze.

The car took over a year to be repaired to its original state and resulted in the largest insurance pay-out in Britain, at £910,000.

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