Royal Biographer explains Why Prince Harry Wed Meghan Markle So Quickly


Prince HarryAnd Meghan MarkleAfter less than two years of being together, they were married. One royal biographer says they know the reason why they got married so quickly. Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Harry Rushes To The Altar

According to OK!, Harry did not follow Prince William’s footsteps to the altar. William and Kate Middleton were together for seven yearsHarry waited for just two. A new biography, entitled The Palace Papers, author Tina Brown reveals that William’s friends think harry rushed it. Markle was reportedly not able to adjust to Britain because of the hasty wedding.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex thought differently. Brown wrote that Harry wanted Markle to be married as soon possible, so he could ensure police protection. From his childhood to Afghanistan and even now, Harry’s always been security, so it makes sense that he would want to protect Markle. The issue of personal security continues to be an issue in his life, as he’s still locking horns with the royal family over police protection.

Is this accurate?

Brown’s new book is certainly making waves. According to Brown, the rivalry between Harry & William dates back much further than we think. While these details are certainly salacious, it’s probably best to take them with a grain of salt. Brown is the same person who criticized Harry for being emotionally needy, so it’s not the least biased source.

Considering how humans make decisions, it doesn’t feel fair to say security is the reason Harry wed Markle so quickly. It takes out romance. Also, two years from dating to marriage really isn’t that quick. It takes two years to get from the first date to the wedding. Statistically, it is the quicker sideBut it was only for a few more months.

Harry is undoubtedly concerned about security. Given what happened to Princess Diana’s body, Harry has every reason to fight for his cause. It’s certainly possible he wanted to wed Markle to keep her safe,  but nothing is that simple. This narrative also robs Markle her agency when it comes to scheduling her wedding. It’s a tad regressive.

Markle Stories Abound

Gossip CopHas seen tabloid stories featuring the speed at which their weddings were performed before. In TouchTheir divorce was imminent because they had married too fast. That story is years old now, and they’re still together. RadarOnline even promised Markle was getting cold feet partially because she didn’t know Harry well enough, but that could not have been more false.

Markle and Harry are not in the habit of commenting on their biographies, so we’ll probably never get confirmation. Although security could have easily been a reason for the wedding – reality is not so simple.

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