‘Royal Expert’ Claims Meghan Markle Will Not Let Rift between Prince Harry, Royal Family Healing


Is it? Meghan MarkleWill she continue to perpetuate the bad feeling culture in the royal family? One rumor suggests she doesn’t want Prince HarryFor insidious purposes, to make peace with his family. Gossip Cop investigates.

Meghan Markle Wants The Rift To Grow

Per Silver Screen BeatsMarkle wants drama to be a part of the royal family, according to a royal expert. A royal expert says the Platinum Jubilee will not soothe tensions between Harry and his family because Markle doesn’t want things repaired. “if it was repaired, that might get Harry wanting to come back and play his role,”According to the expert.

It seems that Elizabeth is willing to do whatever it takes to please Harry and Markle. She wants them all to feel at home and hopes for an end of the fighting between the Sussexes and Cambridges. Prince Charles doesn’t care to see Harry at all and wants the focus squarely on himself, Prince William, and Prince George.

Tensions are Cooling

It doesn’t matter if tabloids acknowledge it, tensions between Harry and his family seem to be cooling. There is no doubt that things are changing after the eagerly awaited meeting of Elizabeth with Lilibet Diana. It is a significant step for Markle to arrive on British soil. Although Elizabeth and Markle never had beef, the trip is still significant.

If that’s not enough, Sources: The MirrorWilliam and Harry have set out to heal their rift. FaceTime calls have proven to be a powerful tool in getting things back on track. Markle is a big part of this, as William sees her as a positive influence in Harry’s life. The Platinum Jubilee and communication seem to have helped ease years of tension.

Prince Harry Is Not Helpless

Harry is being robbed of all agency in his life by this story. Markle did not unilaterally make the decision to move to America. Harry’s been very open about why he left. Both Harry and Markle are happier that they can now live their lives on their terms. Just because Harry can call his brother again doesn’t mean he’s going to uproot his family and move back into the hornet’s nest.

The SunWe won’t let the royal drama pass without a fight. Tabloids all over the world are making money off the discord in the royal family. Harry’s reconciliation with his family is not what the tabloid media wants.

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