Royal Family Allegedly ‘Dismayed” by Queen’s Support for Prince Andrew


Queen Elizabeth made her first public appearance in months after recovering from COVID-19, walking down the aisle at the late Prince Philip’s memorial service. She wasn’t the only one making their first appearance in a while; Prince Andrew was his mother’s escort, his first public outing since settling his sexual assault lawsuit. 

Prince Andrew’s Significant Role At The Ceremony

The attendance of the prince at the Service of Thanksgiving was confirmed earlier this month. It would be his first public appearance since settling the suit brought against him by Virginia Guiffre, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking victims. 

Andrew’s surprise appearance at the ceremony surprised many, even though they were expecting him. The prince didn’t just come to the service; he escorted the queen through the church and to her seat before the beginning of the ceremony.

Many believe this means that the queen is supporting her son and signaling to other members the royal family that Andrew isn’t to be ignored. However, palace insiders say that there was still plenty of concern over Andrew’s high-profile role in Prince Philip’s service. 

Senior Royals ‘Dismayed’ Over The Queen’s Decision

According to the Daily MailPrince Andrew demanded that he be the one who accompanied his mother through the church and sat beside her during the service. Prince Charles and Prince William were also allegedly present. “dismayed”Andrew’s scandal still surrounds Andrew, led to this decision. 

“The issue of the duke’s role had been aired and batted around late last week. It was accepted, perhaps reluctantly, that he would be accompanying her to the abbey from Windsor by car,”The source stated. “It is fair to say there have been raised eyebrows at him being so front and center.”

Sources other than the royal familyThe outlet was informed by the royals that some regret their decision because of the public response. “It would be a great shame if the service was overshadowed by all of this,”The source stated. “There is a strong sense of regret that this has happened.”

Since Prince Andrew’s lawsuit settlement, it’s been largely assumed that he would step back from the public eye for a very long time. Whether it was a show of support from the queen, or an attempt by Prince Andrew to get back in the public’s good graces, it’s safe to assume the rest of the royals aren’t happy to see him back in the headlines.

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