Royal Family threatens to boycott BBC over new documentary


This is the Royal Family joining forces to protest a soon-to be-released documentary. BBC plans to air the documentary for two reasons. The documentary appears to be sharing details about the subject. Prince William Prince Harry‘s struggles with one another. The other, the Royal Family hasn’They were given a prescreening of the documentary. This is raising a lot of red flags.

Brothers in Arms

Amol Rajon, who has publicly declared their monarchy on numerous occasions and spoken out against the family repeatedly, is the first sign that something is wrong. “absurd”. With this information in mind, three family members joined forces to complain to the outlet. They are now trying to boycott the documentary.

The problem with the program is the fact that it mentions Prince William speaking out against Harry and Harry doing the exact same thing. A spokesperson from the palace quickly responded, “There is upset about it. The households are all united in thinking this is not fair. No one at the Palace has seen it.”

The family is also concerned about how the public will react to the possibility of the brothers in-fighting. The BBC says the two-part program will provide more context for William and Harry’s strained relationship.

Royally Angry

What seems to be happening here is that Harry and William’s bumpy relationship will be coming to light, with stories that William leaked information about Harry’s somewhat fragile mindset during 2019. There is obviously still some familial fallout from Meghan Markle and Harry’s very public feelings about their lineage from the Oprah Winfrey interview from last year. Although the royals are known for keeping their private lives secret, there is a concern that this documentary will cause more division in the country about them than it already has. It is possible that the Fallout could be serious depending on how it is managed. The Royal Family stated in a statement to BBC:

To have a healthy democracy, a free, open and responsible press is vital. It is frustrating when they are given credibility by anyone, even the BBC, that they make exaggerated and unfounded claims about unnamed sources.

But this isn’t the first time BBC and the royals have clashed. After suggesting that the queen had stormed off a photoshoot due to unknown reasons in 2007, BBC had to publicly apologize to her. Their working relationship was already difficult even before this documentary.

Moving Forward (Carefully).

The documentary, which begins airing on BBC on the 23rd of November is said to honestly portray the royal’s relationships (especially between brothers) and also offer some insight into how the press has to work with the royal family when it comes to covering them. It is quite ironic to see how they are reacting.

The special will air regardless of whether the family is able to view it first. This may severely damage their somewhat mutually beneficial relationship that they have enjoyed for so long. It is not yet clear how serious the fallout between The Firm and the BBC will be until the documentary airs.

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