Royal Gossip Claims Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Forcibly To Use ‘Mobility Scooter’After Health Problems


Has Queen ElizabethIn spite of her declining health, she found a new way to move around. According to one tabloid, Her Majesty was using a mobility scooter to get from place-to-place. Let’s check in on the beloved monarch.

Queen Elizabeth ‘Nixes Wheelchair’?

This week’s edition of the Globe Queen Elizabeth is reported to have traded in her walking cane for an efficient mobility scooter. It’s no secret that the queen has been struggling to get around on her own, and the tabloid’s sources insist she’s found the perfect solution. “It comes down to mobility,”Insider Notes “Sometimes she is more mobile than others. When she can walk with a stick, they make the arrangements accordingly. Other times it’s not so easy.”

And sources say the queen is in favor of the scooter because she’s worried that an old-fashioned wheelchair would undermine her authority. “The queen doesn’t want to show any weakness to the public, especially with the scandalous shame her son Prince Andrew and grandson Harry have brought on the monarchy,”These are the tipsters notes. “The monarchy desperately needs to look solid now and the queen is determined to show strength in public.”

Queen Displays Scooter ‘Strength’?

While mobility scooters are certainly a great alternative to wheelchairs, we seriously doubt we’re going to see Her Majesty rolling around palace grounds on one. Even though she can still use her walking stick for short distances, the queen seems happy to do so. For longer distances, however, the palace has another option.

The palace is said to have reportedly Purchased a highly-specialized, high-end golf cartTo make it easier for her to get around the grounds. Garia, a Danish company, has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to produce the vehicle. The cart’s specifications have been estimated at $80,000. It is clear that the queen wants to roll around palace grounds in style, so it has been priced at $80,000. And since this has been public information for over a month and the tabloid didn’t even mention it, it’s clear the tabloid didn’t even bother to do any research for this story.

The Outlet on Queen Elizabeth

Of course, we’ve learned not to trust the Globe Anywhere Queen Elizabeth is concerned. Late last year, the outlet reported the queen was hiding Prince Philip’s will to save herself from embarrassment. The magazine then claimed that Camilla Parker Bowles was being demoted by the queen. The magazine even claimed that Her Majesty sent coded warnings to her Christmas address. It’s clear that the Globe‘s reporting on the queen resembles royal fanfiction more than any kind of factual reporting.