Royal Gossip: Prince Charles Apparently Told Camilla Park Bowles ‘It’s Your Fault’ They Won’t Become King And Queen


Does it Prince CharlesBlame Camilla Parker BowlesWhat are his mistakes? According to one report the first in line to inherit the throne was at odds with his wife. Let’s take a closer look at the shocking report.

Prince Charles Worries That He Will Never be King?

This week Woman’s Day reports there are new obstacles standing in the way of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ ascension to the throne. According to the report, the couple are currently being prevented from becoming King and Queen by new allegations against Duchess Cornwall. As the magazine recounts, royal author Tom Bower recently claimed that the Sussexes’ allegations of racism were actually directed at Bowles. His book is available here RevengeBower insists Bowles said it would be funny if Archie were born with. “ginger afro hair.”

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Sources claim that the palace was built in 1886. “overdrive”The claims were denied. Charles seems to be concerned about the new allegations, which could jeopardize their position as successors. “Charles just feels Camilla should be more careful, particularly when so much is at stake. This has undone 20 years of hard work from Camilla and Charles, who managed to turn her into an acceptable future queen,”The insider’s scoop. “He is perhaps more upset than Camilla… Charles fears it will put his accession in jeopardy if it gets any further out of hand.”

Palace In ‘Overdrive’After PR Crisis

This magazine either hasn’t been following this drama for very long, or it has a very short memory. Bower’s book didn’t deliver the bombshells that this magazine pretends, and he certainly wasn’t the first author to attempt it. As we’ve explained before, these royal tell-alls are no more credible than tabloids stories, and just because Bower insists Bowles made racist comments, that doesn’t mean that she did.

The majority of the public is aware of this, and it’s a good thing. As long as the royals don’t acknowledge these claims, they’ll fizzle out on their own. It’s only a matter of time, and we’re sure no one in the palace is sweating it. So, it doesn’t make any sense that Charles would be fretting his place in the line of succession, let alone blaming his wife for things out of her control.

Interestingly, Bowles wasn’t the first to be accused of making racist comments regarding Archie. Christopher Andersen claimed in his book that Bowles made racist comments about Archie back in December. Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lifes of William, Kate and HarryIt turns out that it was Prince Charles who made the racist comments. Now that a completely different royal biographer claims it was Bowles, the truth of the matter is even more obscure.

The Tabloid on Prince Charles

Trust is something we all know better than to believe. Woman’s Day Charles is everywhere. The outlet reported last year that the Prince of Wales was suffering from health problems. After a fight with Bowles, Charles was reported by the magazine to have moved out of his home. And even more recently, the publication alleged the queen was furious with Charles’ behavior. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t following the Prince of Wales very closely.

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