Royal Gossip: Prince Charles Says He Ended Talks with Harry After Demanding Memoir Acces


It is Prince Charles Refusing speak up Prince Harry? According to a new report, Harry’s upcoming memoir has Charles on pins and needles. Let’s check in on the royal father and son.

Prince Harry ‘Leaking Secrets About Charles’?

This week Woman’s Day reports Prince Charles is sensing danger from Prince Harry’s new memoir. Charles has been accused three times of accepting bribes over the last three month. Sources claim that Charles is now suspicious of his youngest child. “Charles is a paranoid fellow at the best of times, but there’s no denying there could be truth to his fears that someone is leaking these stories to ruin his reign,”Insider secrets

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While the first to the throne will be the first, “hates to admit it,” he’s apparently starting to wonder if Harry has something to do with it. Sources dish that this isn’t the first time Charles had doubts about Harry’s intentions. Apparently, the Prince of Wales wanted Harry to go into detail about what exactly he’ll be sharing in his upcoming memoir while last in the UK.

Sources claim that Charles refused to meet Harry when he refused. “Charles fears this is just the tip of the iceberg of bad press. When Harry’s memoir comes out at Christmas, he expects to be firmly in the firing line,”The tipster trusts.

Prince Harry Scared of Prince Charles?

We seriously doubt there’s any truth to this report. Despite the outlet’s insistence that Charles refused to meet with Prince Harry, there have been reports that Charles actually met Harry and MarkleAnd even, he was introduced to Lilibet, his granddaughter. “It was a fantastic visit. The prince was delighted to see his grandson and meet his granddaughter for the first time,”Source: PeopleThen, it said that it was “wonderful”To have the Sussexes returned to the UK.

And since Harry and Markle are headed back to the UK in just a few weeks, there’s even a possibility Harry will get to visit with his father again. Besides, there’s no evidence to suggest Harry “has it in”According to the tabloid, he was a father figure. Despite voicing some minor criticisms of his father’s parenting, Harry hasn’t breathed a bad word about Charles’ character. Obviously, this is just another example of the tabloids’ efforts to squeeze out every bit of drama surrounding Harry’s upcoming memoir.

The Tabloid on the Duke of Sussex

Besides, this is far from the first time we’ve caught Woman’s Day This is a lie about Prince Harry. According to the magazine, Harry admitted that he regrets leaving royal life. The magazine then reported that Harry was in conversation with Oprah Winfrey to conduct a second explosive interview. The tabloid also reported that Queen Elizabeth was allegedly telling palace staff she was sick of Harry Markle. We have difficulty believing anything. Woman’s Day What the Duke of Sussex has to say.

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