Royal Gossip Said Prince Harry Refused To Speak To William Again After Allegedly Explosive Fight At Prince Phillip’s Funeral Last Year


Did Prince HarryPromise to never speak to Prince William again? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed that the royal brothers’ relationship had been completely fractured. Let’s check back in on the duke

Harry and William refuse to bury the Ax

In April last year, Globe reported Prince Harry and Prince William had a tense reunion at Prince Philip’s funeral. “Their showdown was explosive,”An insider confided in, adding that “any hope Philip’s tragic death will end this feud is pie in the sky.”Meghan Markle’s source then argued against Meghan Markle, insisting on the duchess “caused so much damage with [the Oprah Winfrey] interview, it will take a lifetime to heal this rift.”

Apparently, Harry and William’s final confrontation happened via video call. “William and Harry’s pent-up anger and frustrations exploded,”The tipster was dished. Evidently, the Duke of Sussex “vowed never to talk to [Prince William] again.”Queen Elizabeth apparently ordered a temporary truce. However, the damage was already done. “This war is far from over—and may never be,”The insider concluded.

Harry and William ever remarried?

This story was unlikely right from the start. First, it was impossible to believe that this huge fight between Harry and William went unnoticed by any other media outlets. The brothers were under a microscope during Philip’s funeral, so it doesn’t seem likely that the other sources would have just missed it. Given the magazine’s total lack of evidence, we felt comfortable dismissing this tale as a total work of fiction.

We realized how absurd this story was a few months later. Despite the outlet’s insistence that Harry was done speaking to his brother, he The UK was visited once more in the summerThe unveiling of the Princess Diana statue. William and Harry organized the event and worked together to plan the memorial. Obviously, Harry wasn’t refusing to speak to William. The brothers actually seemed to get along well at the service. Photos showed Harry and William laughing and smiling with each other. While it’s true that the dukes aren’t as close as they once were, this tabloid’s story was just ludicrous.

The Magazine on the Sussexes

A year later, the Globe hasn’t stopped spreading misinformation about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The outlet reported that Queen Elizabeth had taken the Sussexes out of the line. Then the magazine claimed a leaked DNA test proved Harry wasn’t Prince Charles’ biological son. And most recently, the publication alleged Harry cruelly snubbed the queen by failing to attend Prince Philip’s memorial service this year. The Evidential Globe isn’t the most reliable source wherever Prince Harry is concerned.

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