Royal Gossip Says Queen Elizabeth Apparently Furious With Prince Charles’ ‘Stupid’Verhalten


Is it? Queen ElizabethGet upset Prince Charles? According to one report, the heir apparent is acting so foolishly that Elizabeth has become furious. Let’s look into this story and see what’s going on.

‘Queen’s Fury Over Charles’ Stupidity’

According to a report in Woman’s Day, Charles’ decision to accept millions from a Qatari sheikh has left Elizabeth dumbfounded. He’s embroiled in scandal after accepting more than $3 million in bags of cash veiled in the form of a charitable donation. 

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“She has bitten her tongue over some of Charles’ more fanciful ideas and ways over the years, but she can’t believe he would be so stupid as to do this,”Source: The UK Charity Commission was notified about the large gift and is currently investigating it. Elizabeth apparently can’t believe her eyes and thinks the scandal may have destroyed his chances of ever becoming king. 

Source: “After all she has done over the course of her entire life to build a beloved, trusted monarchy, the son she’s entrusting with inheriting it may well have messed it up for the lot of them.”

Is Queen Elizabeth Upset

Everything printed about Charles’ dealings with Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani is essentially accurate. Charles accepted suitcasesThe money was then transferred to his charity fund. The Sunday Times calls the payments legal, and there’s no evidence that the sheikh intended it to be a bribe. 

Clarence House is currently under investigation. “cash-for-access”scandal where donors were willing to pay top dollar for honors or minutes. Charles has already seen Michael Fawcett, his former confidant and friend, resign because he accepted gifts from a Saudi billionaire. This is not a good look.

That being said, there’s no sign Elizabeth is even vaguely aware of the situation. She rarely comments on any royal affairs, and she’s stayed customarily mum on this scandal. Charles has been through far worse scandals than this, considering the messy divorce and subsequent loss of Princess Diana. Charles is guaranteed to continue his reign as long as he lives.

Prince Charles Gossip Abound

Woman’s DayCharles rumors seem to be wildly out of date. It was widely reported in 2020 that Charles was flying to America to deliver Archie back to the United Kingdom. This would be considered kidnapping.

Charles was feuding with Princesses Eugenie (beatrice) and Elizabeth before Elizabeth. Just because the royal family is tightening up the number of senior royals doesn’t mean they’re getting banished to France or anything. This tabloid clearly doesn’t know anything about royal affairs.