Royal Rumor Says Prince Harry Supposedly Desperately Wants To Go Back Home Against Meghan Markle’s Wishes


Is Prince Harry considering moving back to the UK? According to one tabloid, the duke has been feeling homesick lately. Let’s investigate the shocking report.

Prince Harry Admits ‘I Want To Go Home’?

The latest edition of Life & Style reports Prince Harry is finally ready to return to his homeland, but Meghan Markle doesn’t want to hear it. After the couple took New York City by storm in July, speaking at conventions and posing for photographs, Harry apparently realized they had become what he was trying to escape. “Meghan seemed to be lapping up the attention as he gave a speech at the United Nations and they dined at trendy eateries like Locanda Verde,” an insider observes.

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And Harry is apparently starting to doubt his decision to leave the UK. “He wanted to start over and live a quieter life in Montecito away from the cameras, but Meghan is all about fame and money,” the tipster spills. “This isn’t what he signed up for—it’s as if he’s living a lie.” But the source says Harry also wants to spend his grandmother’s last days with her.

“The queen is not well and recently sent Harry a goodbye letter,” the snitch reveals. “Harry lost his grandfather last year, and he knows his grandmother isn’t going to be around forever. It’s weighing on him that he’s not there.” But sources insist that the duke is unlikely to convince Markle. “He’s begging Meghan to return to England. But she won’t budge. At some point, Harry is going to have to choose between his family and his marriage,” the source concludes.

Harry ‘Begging Meghan To Return To England’?

This is a tale we’ve heard countless times before, and the repetitiveness isn’t doing it any favors. First of all, Harry and Markle have been making headlines in the United States for over a year now. From their high-profile interviews to their streaming deals, neither Markle nor Harry have been afraid of a public appearance. So, why would Harry just now be discontent with how he and Markle are handling the spotlight? The timing just doesn’t make any sense.

Furthermore, Harry has visited the queen twice this year. Nothing he saw about her state made him want to return to the UK for good, so we seriously doubt he’s suddenly pivoting now. Despite what so many of us want to believe, everyone knows that the queen isn’t immortal. Her reign will come to an end, be it a month or even ten years from now, and no one is under any illusions about this matter. So, we also aren’t believing that Harry suddenly woke up and realized he’s missing the queen’s final days.

And finally, are we really supposed to believe Harry sees this situation as choosing between “his family and his marriage.” While the tabloids love to think of Markle as some accessory Harry is going to ditch whenever he comes to his senses, that’s just not the case. She is his family—she is his wife and the mother of both of his children. So, anyone in their right mind knows he isn’t just going to pick up and leave her all because she doesn’t want to live in the UK.

More Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, Life & Style has been cashing in on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for ages now. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Meghan Markle was living a separate life from Prince Harry. Then the magazine claimed Harry was secretly discontent with his and Markle’s lives. And finally, the publication alleged Markle and Harry were panicking about losing their streaming deals. Obviously, Life & Style doesn’t have any insight into the Sussexes’ personal lives.

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