Royal Source Claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Apparently Flew in Humiliation after Royals Shun Them on a UK Trip


Meghan Markle Prince Harry are back in the United States after their family’s first trip to England. They fled England with their tail between the legs. According to some reports, the royal family abandoned them while they were on their way out. Here’s what we know.

‘Royal Renegades Run For The Hills’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerAfter failing to get footage for Netflix, Harry and Markle fled the Platinum Jubilee. In the hope of a lavish homecoming, the family brought Archie Diana and Lilibet Diana across the pond. However, they were reportedly hushed and booed in public by senior royals.

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“They were totally humiliated,”One insider says so. Another bellows. “The worst blow was Her Majesty saying ‘no chance’ to photos of her first-ever meeting with her namesake, Lilibet.”These photos could have made Netflix very happy but the Sussexes leave empty handed. Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to have rubbed salt into the wound after they completely ignored Lilibet.

Harry and Markle fled the United States on a private plane that was not environmentally friendly. This makes them hypocrites according to one source. “Harry and Meghan got the comeuppance they so richly deserve for the hurt they’ve caused the family,”A source concludes.

Prince Harry Has been Humiliated

First, let’s talk about the Inquire doesn’t really care at all about the private jet. It’s just labeling the couple hypocrites because they’ve spoken in favor of green programs. Nearly all celebrities in the magazine, from Kim Kardashians to Donald Trump, fly on private aircraft, but Harry and Markle get criticized for doing so. He’s defended his actions citing serious security concerns, so we’re sure he’s weighed the pros and cons. 

Also, isn’t it a little catty of William and Middleton to purposefully snub a 1-year-old baby’s birthday? The outlet acts like this was some grand gesture of revenge…on a baby. Although it sounds ridiculously and comically silly to us, Lilibet did meet her namesake.

Anyway, there’s no real way of knowing how Markle and Harry feel upon returning home. Only they know for sure and no one else can. Consider that the story begins with the two of them being labeled. “fame-hungry,”This is a clear hit piece. In fact, Harry and Markle reportedly didn’t want the spotlight on this trip. They were there as support for Queen Elizabeth in her last public celebration.

Torrid Royal Rumors

The Inquire has already christened him henpecked Harry, so it’s transparently biased against the Sussexes. It is not always accurate in its coverage. Earlier this year, it announced Elizabeth would Elizabeth would strip them of their titles, but that didn’t really happen.

The tabloid recently reported that Harry and Markle were insolvent. They’re millionaires who never need to work again, so that’s just an absurd story. Harry and Markle did exactly as they planned to do in England, so it’s hard to imagine they would feel humiliated.

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