Rumor: Matthew Perry’s appearance reportedly has friends worried about him


Matthew Perry is always found in an unusual position relative to the rest of the country. Friends cast, especially after sounding somewhat worrying in the show’s reunion special. Although Perry’s unusual speech was explained as a result of an emergency dental procedure, one outlet says that his latest appearance was supposedly troubling enough to draw an unlikely celebrity’s concern. Here’s what we know.

Matthew Perry ‘Not In A Great Place’?

According to the story from In Touch, Matthew Perry apparently isn’t doing well. According to the outlet, Perry appeared in public for the first time recently. “a little rough and disheveled”Before reminding readers of his addiction experiences and the end to his engagement last year, 

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“Those close to him are worried that without a solid support system, his demons could return,” an anonymous source argues before dropping a bizarre bombshell—Lindsay Lohan is supposedly trying to make sure Perry stays healthy. “They go way back from their partying days in LA, so she knows exactly what he’s going through,”The insider claims. Lohan, they conclude. “has her life together now and she’s determined to help her old friend stay clean and sober.”

Is Matthew Perry okay?

It might surprise you to learn that Chandler Bing and Lindsay Lohan have a connection. One, she was one the early supporters at Perry’s 2016 play, The End of LongingThey even appeared together at MTV Spring Break 2004. However, that’s about where the truths of this rumor end. Though the tabloid cruelly points to Perry’s past public struggles with addiction, it ignores his present. 

In TouchThe photo of Perry on May 30th, dressed in a gym shorts, a baggy shirt and gym pants, was used to create this story. The magazine seems to be the only one that’s been worried about the actor in the month since, which makes sense given his recent activity. Instead of scaring pals and having Lindsay Lohan host interventions, Perry’s been hard at work on his highly anticipated memoir, Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing. He submitted his final draft just last week.

The post is full of comments and likes, including one from Courteney Cox, and we couldn’t find anything from Lindsay Lohan or anyone worried. The worst thing Matthew Perry seems to have done recently is wear comfy clothes in between writing sessions, and if that’s the bar for concern, then In TouchShould be worried about almost everyone else in the globe.

Could there be more history?

It’s also worth noting that In TouchThe exact same alarm rang when Matthew Perry stepped out in sweatpants to go to Starbucks last November. “Those close to Matthew are afraid that his demons have returned,” the anonymous source claimed back then, although they didn’t even think to mention Lindsay Lohan at that point. The National EnquirerPerry said that Perry was terrorizing friends and turning to solitude after his breakup in May 2021. Woman’s Day followed suit that July, arguing that Perry’s friends thought he was spiraling. These tabloids obviously have no idea how Matthew Perry is faring or even who his friends are, so there’s no reason to pay any attention to these stories.

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