Rumored Reason For Rhea Perlman’s Most Recent Split With Danny DeVito


Rhea PerlmanAnd Danny DeVitoThey have been separated for a long period of time. One report claims to have the answer. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Rhea Taxis Away From Drunk Danny!’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerDeVito wants to win Perlman back. Perlman’s admitted that she holds a flame for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, but an insider says she won’t take him back unless he quits drinking. The source says, “Rhea just got tired of waiting for Danny to give up the sauce… after a while, she gave up on him being anything more than a 77-year-old frat boy looking for the next party.”

Perlman explained that DeVito had apparently embarrassed himself by his intoxication habits. According to the source, “Danny’s talking very seriously about making one last push to make things work with Rhea. She may adore him, but she’d still need a lot of persuading.”

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito Together?

To back up its story about Danny DeVito’s drinking problem, this outlet dug up photos of him sipping alcohol. They are not new nor do they prove anything. The outlet attempts to show an intoxicated appearance. The View, but it doesn’t say that it happened in 2006.

Perlman and DeVito didn’t call things off until 2012, and they reconciled in 2013. Perlman claimed that they split again in 2017 but that it wasn’t because of his alcohol dependence. This whole story tries to paint a picture of these two while ignoring everything they’ve actually said.

She had earlier in the month DeVito: Beautiful wordsFor People: “I’m really, really glad that Danny and I were able to navigate some rough days to be able to have this different kind of relationship.”DeVito is still a friend, she stated. “often, and we’re still a family.”

Who’s going to know more about Perlman’s relationship: herself or some so-called sources? She and DeVito sound like they’re in an excellent. With this in mind, it’s rather unlikely to think DeVito is secretly pining with all his might.

Too many Torches

The InquireIt uses tropes to tell its stories and only plugs in names. Here, it’s DeVito holding a torch for Perlman. It was Reba MacEntire holding the torch for Kenny Rogers last season. Katie Holmes was supposed to help her ex-boyfriend. Billy Joel was apparently worried about his feelings for his ex. If you see this phrase in the pages of this rag, then that’s your cue to move along.