Russell Grant’s horoscopes for today – Monday, January 31, star sign forecast


One star sign might be very in demand socially but another shouldn’t worry if someone close suggests a heart to soul conversation

Russell Grant looks at what today might bring to your horoscope, and what you can prepare for.


You are highly sought after socially because there is so much going on in the family. Your involvement in organising a community project makes you highly popular.

This leaves little time for romance and personal interests. Still, you won’t be focusing on what is missing from your life. Instead, count your blessings.


It is time to review your priorities. A relationship isn’t working or certain circumstances cannot continue any longer.

You aren’t happy with the way things are going and you need to regain control. If someone is trying to manipulate you, don’t hesitate to confront them.


A new job will mean establishing new family routines but this won’t be a problem.

While you may be anxious to impress your boss or coworkers, it could lead to you being distant and difficult to approach. Enjoy new experiences and relax. Your talents are valuable and valued.


You will be inspired by a new friend or neighbor to pursue new interests and hobbies. You are eager to discover new places and meet new people.

They can help you bring out your more outgoing side. You can use this opportunity to create a musical, creative or dancing project.


You and your partner can agree on most things. Sometimes, however, the other half seems to be in control.

Although everything appears to be going well in your relationships, you may not be acknowledging the growing dissatisfaction. This should be addressed immediately.


Problems can be a problem in a close friendship or relationship. You may feel as if this relationship is causing you pain as it is providing you with pleasure.

Don’t give up if you really want to stay together. There are ways around the obstacles that keep you from your goal.


Don’t worry if your partner or someone in the family suggests it is time for a heart-to-heart talk.

They aren’t hinting anything is wrong. They’re thinking about the future and they want to make certain everyone is working towards the same dreams and goals.


You may feel that someone you’ve just met is reading you incorrectly. You can’t seem to be in each other’s presence without arguing about something.

It is easy to sense that they are making a mistake when they jump to conclusions about your thoughts and feelings without even asking.


A money muddle could cause you to question someone’s honesty. If you sense that someone is lying, you should be cautious about how you speak and act.

If you’re concerned about a romantic partner’s behaviour, word your suspicions with care.


An expensive friend or partner may have high standards. You might not realize how much you’ve been spending to keep your friend or partner happy.

You will be unable to satisfy your loved ones if you do not suggest giving up on more expensive pleasures and pastimes.


A friend or partner may admit to having made mistakes. You can’t forget it because you are annoyed they behaved so badly. This is the best way to ensure that you have a healthy relationship.

Accept their apology, and do whatever is necessary to strengthen the friendship bonds.


To have a serious conversation about your future, you need to gather your family. You are starting to feel as if your goals and your loved ones’ intentions are unrelated.

All of us need to decide where we want to go. You can do it together, or you can do it separately for a little while.

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