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UK announces list of sanctioned people and banks

Gennadiy Nikolayevich Timchenko

Reason given: “Timchenko is a major shareholder in Bank

Rossiya. Bank Rossiya is a key stakeholder in the National Media Group which supports Russian policy which is destabilising Ukraine.”

“Following the annexation of Crimea, Bank “Rossiya” has expanded its bank branches and provision of insurance and investment throughout Crimea and Sevastopol; and offers support to military activities and the formation of major transport links and cards that allow the public to travel easily around the peninsula.”

“Bank Rossiya has supported the consolidation of Crimea into the Russian Federation by integrating the financial system following the annexation of Crimea. Timchenko therefore is or has been involved in engaging in, providing support for, or promoting any policy or action which destabilises Ukraine or undermines or threatens the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine.”

Boris Romanovich Rotenberg

Reason given: Boris Rotenberg “is a prominent Russian businessman with close personal ties to Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Rotenberg is a major shareholder of SMP Bank and sits on its Board of Directors.”

“Rotenberg therefore is or has been involved in obtaining a benefit from or supporting the Government of Russia by virtue of owning or controlling directly or indirectly” or “working as a director” or “equivalent” at SMP Bank which is a Russian Government affiliated-entity which obtains a financial benefit or other material benefit from the Government of Russia and is carrying out business in the finance sector which is a sector of strategic significance to the Government of Russia.”

Igor Arkadyevich Rotenberg

Reason given: “Igor Rotenberg is a prominent Russian businessmen with close familial ties to President Putin.

Rotenberg is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Telematic Systems (NTS).”

“NTS is conducting business in the transport sector, which is of strategic significance to the Government of Russia, and therefore through his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors to NTS, Igor Rotenberg is benefiting from or supporting the Government of Russia.”

Here is a list of the entities sanctioned:

Bank Rossiya

Black Sea Bank for Development and Reconstruction

Joint Stock Company Genbank

IS Bank

Public Joint Stock Company Promsvyazbank