Russian Army may be concealing the true death toll of Ukraine by sending its dead soldiers to Siberia.


There has been no public recognition of deaths by troops from Moscow due to a sinister lottery postcode related to Russians killed in the conflict in Ukraine.

Critics claim that the regions with the most severe losses are the ones to be. “cannon fodder” – are remote from Vladimir Putin’s capital city.

This shows that Moscow’s media and political elites are not seeing the increase in coffins returning from a war in Russia, in which Russia lost 17,000 soldiers in five days.

A similar pattern relates to St Petersburg, Putin’s birth city, where there is one recorded death, and two captured troops.

Russian soldier
David Arutyunyan from the Kyakhta Region is the youngest Russian soldier who has died at the age of 18

Moscow has not been reported to have suffered any deaths. However, ten Ukrainian servicemen were taken prisoner by the Ukrainians.

The Moscow region, which is located immediately around the capital, has also suffered fewer fatalities than other places. There were two deaths and 21 captures.

One was killed and two were captured in the Leningrad region, outside of St Petersburg.

Funerals are being held in many parts of the country for war victims. They are not held in Moscow or St Petersburg. However, there are some reports of soldiers who were not publicly announced as their deaths.

Russian soldier
Denis Rykov (31), is another Russian victim from remote Russia.

This contrasts starkly with the Buryatia region in Siberia five time zones east from Moscow, where 64 people have been killed in the conflict.

Many of these are Russians but ethnic Buryats.

There is no doubt that the death toll could be higher. This is due to the fact that information on war dead is delayed.

Russian tank
Moscow’s highest officials have not admitted the full extent of the deaths

Photographs of war-dead soldiers highlight the horrific suffering in Buryatia. This Buddhist republic is located on the shores Lake Baikal and has a population of approximately 972,000 people, which is 12 times as many than Moscow.

Available Russian statistics on the war dead are seriously incomplete, yet the Ukrainians have also produced data for Putin’s losses which are not disputed by the Soldiers’ Mothers Committee in Moscow.

The increasing number of local media coverage of funerals and regional media coverage provides more information.

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The data shows that the greatest losses are in far-flung Russian regions.

Reports indicate that Dagestan, near the Caspian Sea and Tatarstan on Volga River, Irkutsk, Siberia, Primorsky, along the Pacific Coast, are suffering severe losses.

Many of those who were killed in these faraway places and cities are not Russians. This is tragic because there are many of them. ‘cannon fodder’Men are still young in their teens and twenties.

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