Russian Children Arrest for Placing Flowers at Ukrainian Embassy. They May Now Face Trial


Five Russian children aged between 7 and 11 years could be tried for trying to plant flowers at the Ukrainian Embassy with signs that read “No War,”According to an anthropologist who posted about the arrests on social media, the kids and their mothers were released after their detention in Moscow earlier this month for a small act of protest.

Photos of Sofya Gladkova, 7, Liza Gladkova, 11, David Petrov, 7, Matvey Petrov, 9, and Gosha Petrov, 11, still holding the colorful banner while behind bars were shared on Facebook by anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Arkhipova praised Ekaterina Zvizion and Olga Alter for being brave in their post. However, they were threatened with losing custody.

Arkhipova stated that the group was held in a van by police before being taken to a station. 

“Right now we need the help of the community, help of journalists and human rights activists,”Arkhipova said. 

The Ukrainian Minister of External Affairs also shared their story and commented on Twitter. “Putin is at war with children.” 

For protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 7,360 Russian protesters are being held. Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Ukraine President) thanked the Russians for their courage and resistance to war-waging leaders on Feb. 24. 

“To all the citizens of the Russian Federation who come out to protest, I want to say: We see you. This means that you heard us,”He said. “This is how you can trust us. Fight for us. Fight against war.” 

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