Russian Fishermen and Irish Fishermen Reach an Agreement on Military Exercises Off Ireland’s Coast


The Russian ambassador to Ireland has guaranteed that naval exercises planned off the island’s coast won’t affect marine life after Irish fisherman said they would disrupt the maneuvers to protect their livelihoods and waters.

Military drills will take place next month in international water approximately 150 miles off the island’s southwest coast. 

Yury Filatov, a Russian diplomat, met with Brendan Byrne (chief executive of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association), in Dublin on Friday. Byrne stated that the meeting was successful. “We have now come to an accommodation where there is a pathway for coexistence for the naval exercises and for our fishing fleet,”Byrne stated that Jersey Evening Post reported.

Though the exercises will be conducted in international waters, the location is within Irish-controlled airspace and the country’s exclusive economic zone.

“There’ll be a clear understanding of who’s going to be where, so that both parties know there’s going to be a buffer zone,” Byrne said of the agreement reached Friday. “This is the significant part. There’s an absolute guarantee that our traditional fishing grounds will not be impacted by the Russian naval exercises.”

Next week will see the start of the prawn season on the Irish coast.