Russian Man Builds a Solar-Powered Elevator to His Balcony


All ready to go, all strapped in. This wheelchair-bound man is able to leave his home in a unique way. 

Alexander Yudin, 69 years old, lives in Russia in a small village. He says he needed to be able to get in and out his apartment on the third floor after losing his ability walk three years back.

His building didn’t offer any solutions for low-mobility residents, and accommodations for low-mobility people are hard to come by, so Yudin came up with his own elevator system.

Yudin is an electrician by trade. He created a solar powered balcony elevator to help him get out of his house if it lost power.

Living on a fixed income, he says it took him a while to save up for the parts he needed to create the elevator, but in the end, it was all worth it.

Yudin now claims he has total freedom, a job and a full social life. His creation is a real lift-me-up.