Russian state television has confirmed that ‘full-scale’ World War Three is now underway


Vladimir Putin controlled state TV said that World War Three had already begun. He also claimed that a prominent on-screen propagandist stated that the country was at war with NATO.

The chilling statement from a leading television presenter came as it became clear Moscow has lost another high-flying GRU military intelligence agent in Ukraine, the latest blow to the Kremlin’s most elite spy service.

Today it was revealed that Captain Alexey Bogomolov (25th separate regiment, GRU special forces) was killed in action in the conflict.

Leading propagandist presenter on Rossiya 1 channel Olga Skabeyeva told viewers: “What it’s escalated into can safely be called World War Three. That’s certain.

State TV controlled by Vladimir Putin has told Russians that World War Three has already started,
Vladimir Putin controlled state television has reported to Russians that World War Three had already begun

“Now we’re definitely fighting against Nato infrastructure, if not Nato itself. We need to recognise that.”

Military commentator Dmitry Drozdenko said on separate state-run Channel 1: “In actual fact a full-scale multi-level war is underway with the collective West.

“And the West has long been preparing for the war”.

A man holds his dead cat in a blanket as he stands outside a destroyed apartment building in Kyiv
Standing outside of a Kyiv destroyed apartment building, a man clutches his dead cat with a blanket.

Anchor Olesya Loseva (host of Vremya Pokazhet) told viewers that the West was now supplying. “zillions of weapons” to Ukraine.

She argued that Ukraine was doing the West’s bidding by carrying out “yet more provocations, bloody, horrible, completely unthinkable.”

These will “force people to shudder once again and say that Russia Is a country which is unworthy of even being on the world map and that all Russians should simply be wiped off the face of the earth”.

Olesya Loseva, host of Vremya Pokazhet, told viewers that the West was now supplying "zillions of weapons” to Ukraine
Olesya Loseva, host of Vremya Pokazhet, told viewers that the West was now supplying “zillions of weapons” to Ukraine

Skabeyeva said that Ukrainians were happy to see Russian troops in Ukraine.

They blamed Ukraine for their problems. “genocide, not the Russians, she claimed.

“For some reason ordinary Ukrainians themselves aren’t noticing any genocide,”She spoke.

Captain Alexey Bogomolov, of the 25th separate regiment of GRU special forces GRU (Stavropol), who was killed in Ukraine
Captain Alexey Bogomolov of the 25th regiment of GRU special force GRU (Stavropol), was killed in Ukraine

“In Kharkiv region they’re welcoming our soldiers like real liberators. People are coming out with Russian tricolours onto the streets where our military kit is.

“The people of Kharkiv are accusing not the Russian army of genocide, but the Ukrainian armed forces.”

However, the GRU agent Bogomolov died yesterday. His funeral will be held in Tambov. This is a reminder of the devastating blows that the elite spy service suffered.

31-year-old GRU captain Alexey Glushchak, who was killed in Ukraine
Alexey GRU captain Alexey Gulshchak, 31, was killed in Ukraine.

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This follows the mid-March death of Captain Alexey GRU agent, 31 years old. Senior Lieutenant Anton Volkov, also from Vladimir region, was another one to die.

Another incident saw Captain Konstantin Druzhkov (33), killed last month.

He was buried with Shamil Aselderov, 19, and Islam Abduragimov.