Russian Troops Smash Security Cameras in Ukrainian Apartments


According to the United Nations, 10 million Ukrainians have fled their homes, and those remaining describe living in a war zone as hell.  

On camera, Russian soldiers forced their way into an apartment building in a Kyiv suburb. 

The invaders used rifle barrels to smash the security cameras inside the elevators. The New York Times obtained surveillance footage that showed the invaders entering to take over sniper positions.

“It shows how Putin is on his heels, off his timeline, ratcheting up his force to terror, actually dragging Ukrainian citizens out of their homes. It’s extraordinary these atrocities — particularly in the urban centers,”Richard Newton, retired Air Force Lt. General, told Inside Edition.

In the meantime, unarmed crowds are chanting in Kherson’s southern city. “go home”The main square was retaken by the Russian armored cars. However, their victory was fleeting. The Russians then returned and dispersed the crowds with live rounds.

A missile strike targeting a shopping center in Kyiv’s capital caused a massive fireball to erupt. The mall has been reduced to a heap of moldering rubble.