Ruth Langsford, Loose Woman Coleen Nolan inhales


Loose Women, a daytime ITV favourite, was made extremely awkward by Coleen Nolan’s and Ruth Langsford’s clashing on-screen personalities.

It got out of control at one point. Coleen, then 57, even threatened Ruth with shoveling “off her chair”Things became more difficult.

On Tuesday, April 26, the panel was discussing Bill Roache (Coronation Street star) who will soon turn 90. Ruth made a joke about Roache.

Eamonn Holmes’s wife stated: “Bill Roache us 90, that’s the same age as you Col.”

Coleen was adamant about firing on all cylinders. “He looks great,”Ruth turned to her and said: “You won’t.”

Ruth made a joke after Bill had shared a little bit about rejuvenation. “So that’s what you need to do look at yourself and that face.”

Coleen was a muggle: “And then I can come back and shove you right off this chair.”

Brenda interjected: “All this aggression.”

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