Ryan Phillippe shares who his, Reese Witherspoon’s children look more like


Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillippe is often admired by people all over the globe for their similarities. Witherspoon recently said she doesn’t see the resemblance, and her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, is weighing in on the mother-daughter lookalikes. 

Witherspoon ‘Doesn’t See’ The Resemblance Between Her And Daughter Ava

Witherspoon and Phillippe were one of Hollywood’s hottest couples in the early 2000s. Ava was born in the same year that they got married. Deacon was their son. The couple announced their separation in 2006, and they divorced the next year. 

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In a Recent appearances on The Today Show, Witherspoon saidAva is her closest relative. “She and I don’t see it that much.” 

Phillippe weighs in: ‘How Are You Surprised That Children Look Like Their Parents?’

When you are talking to ExtraTVPhillippe was asked by an interviewer whether he thought his ex wife and daughter looked alike. “What I get a lot lately is, they think Deacon looks like [Witherspoon], and Ava looks like me,”The actor explained. 

“My response is always, ‘Duh!,’”Phillippe laughed. “How are you surprised that children look like their parents? Isn’t that biologically how it’s meant to work?”

Both Kids Have Their Parents’ Full Support

It turns out, the former couple’s children have more than just their looks in common with their talented parents. Deacon’s acting career is just beginning, and he recently appeared in Netflix’s hit teen comedy Never Have I Ever. “I know that he had a lot of fun [on set],”Phillippe explained. “And acting is something he still may do at times, but he’s really largely focused on his musical career [and] being a musician right now.”

Deacon’s musical debut was made in 2020 by “Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt).”His second single was “Love For the Summer,”Loren Gray, TikTok’s star singer, was the featured performer. He was praised by his unique blend of country and EDM production. 

“He just started freshman year of college,”The actor continued. “So, we’ll see. These kids, they’re lucky enough to have any opportunity they want, which is not something that myself or Reese could have said at that age. We just want them to be happy.”

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Ava and Deacon might look just like their famous parents, but the siblings are working hard to make their own marks on the entertainment industry—and it looks like they have the full support of their parents! 

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