Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Allegedly Fighting To Keep From Divorcing, ‘Marriage In Crisis,’ Source Claims


Are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively on the verge of a divorce? One report says the relationship is not long for this world. Gossip Cop investigates.

Ryan Reynolds ‘In Emergency Mode’?

According to Star, Reynolds is taking an extended break from filmmaking so he can focus on repairing his marriage. The Proposal star announced in November that he wanted to spend more time with his family, but a source says this is more due to trouble than joy. “Ryan loves making movies, but Blake felt he enjoyed being away on location too much, and it’s something they would fight about.”

Both Lively and Reynolds think the marriage is worth fighting for. Part of the conflict stems from Reynolds’ immense success compared to Lively, the insider says. “She’s a mom first, and has willingly put her career on the back burner to raise the girls while Ryan’s role has been the breadwinner.” The two are also arguing over which coast to settle down in. “They’re at a crossroads in terms of where things go from here, but don’t rule out another kid in the future.”

What’s Going On With Blake Lively?

Paradoxically, this story of a fraught marriage describes Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as attentive and unselfish. Reynolds is willing to leave his A-list career behind and both are apparently working hard to get things on track. If Gossip Cop is taking Star at its word, then the Green Lantern stars will discuss their issues maturely.

That being said, the story is completely false. A rep for the couple dismissed rumors of marital issues. The outlet doesn’t accurately describe Lively’s career for starters. The Gossip Girl star may not be making Marvel money like her husband, but she still gets consistent work. One of her biggest hits, A Simple Favor, came out when she had a 2-year-old at home. She also starred in The Rhythm Section, for which she earned critical praise.

Reynolds and Lively’s marriage is strong. Earlier this week, Reynolds posted a photo on Instagram that was snapped by Lively. Just because Reynolds is choosing family over his career right now does not mean his marriage is on the ropes.

Constant Conflict

This isn’t the first feud Star has invented for Blake Lively. In 2017, it tried to stir conflict between Lively and Anna Kendrick. The two are friends, so that was absurd. Ever since Ryan Reynolds announced his sabbatical tabloids have quickly stoked the flame of divorce. Sister magazines Life & Style and OK! are parroting the same story about Reynolds and Lively faking their marriage. Only happiness can be found, so this gossip is just opportunistic and bogus.

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