Ryan Seacrest Feels Fatigue and Weight Loss


It is Ryan Seacresttaking care of him? Twelve months ago Gossip CopI came across a story about the American Idol host’s suspicious weight loss. Let’s check back in to see if he ever really suffered from acute fatigue syndrome.

Ryan Seacrest’s Baffling Flu

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerSeacrest was made to take some time off Live!Over a mysterious ailment that one insider believed was a bout “chronic fatigue syndrome.”Sources claim that his recent flu-like symptoms, exhaustion and fatigue caused him to seek medical attention. “exhaustive battery of tests and doctors can’t seem to pinpoint what his issues are.”One insider suggested that Seacrest might have suffered a stroke and concluded: “He’s been warned he might have to give it all up if he ever wants to be healthy again.”

This story was all over. The tabloid blamed Seacrest’s absence from work for three different ailments, but it didn’t say what the cause was. This tabloid loves talking about Seacrest’s health, yet he’s still perfectly healthy. Seacrest was assured by a source that the story was false.

Is he still suffering?

If Ryan Seacrest really has some mysterious version of chronic fatigue syndrome, then you really wouldn’t know it. He’s never mentioned the illness ever, so this story was obviously made up. He’s still plugging away on Live!And American IdolEach week, he hosts a radio show.

Gossip Cop has no idea why this tabloid makes up so many stories about Seacrest’s health for he’s completely fine. This article quoted Seacrest’s doctors to make absurd speculation about his health. It’s a classic tabloid move, and it’s misleading to treat speculation as fact. When Seacrest goes a while without a vacation, the tabloids claim he’s struggling with too much work, but when he does take a break, the story switches to a made-up crisis.

Other Bogus Stories

The tabloid reported that Seacrest had quit the red carpet to save himself from an early death. He just felt it was the right time to move forward. COVID-19 made it impossible to continue the red carpet.

This summer, the Get in touchSeacrest said that he was afraid Julianne Hough would reveal details of his sex life. Hough has not made public her sex life, unlike her niece. None of the Hough’s family members have uttered a word about Seacrest’s performance, so he’s got nothing to worry about.

Seacrest is one the most hardworking men in Hollywood. If he was really chronically fatigued, then there’s no way he could maintain half his schedule. Gossip CopIt was right to refute this tall tale.