Ryder Robinson, Iris Apatow Dating, They’re More Than Celeb Kids Together


It can be difficult to navigate the dating scene for most people. Being from a prominent family will likely bring additional difficulties when looking for a man to love you. Maybe that’s why so many children of celebrities tend to date each other? Judd Opatow’s daughter, Iris Apatow?, Kate Hudson’s son, Ryder Robinson, made headlines as a couple following Robinson’s recent Valentine’s Day post, but these two are far from the only pair of celeb offspring to couple up.

Ah, Young Love

Ryder Robinson, son of Kate Hudson and her ex-husband, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson, made his relationship Instagram official this past Valentine’s Day. Robinson is seen kissing Iris, his girlfriend, in the captioned photo. Apatow is Judd Apatow’s daughter. Apatow replied in the comments to the post with a series smiley faces. Here’s hoping the pair’s relationship is a long and happy one!

Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, also took to Instagram early this year to soft-launch her relationship with Riley Hawk, Tony Hawk’s son. The 29-yearold girl broke her social media hiatus in order to list Hawk among her sources. “great amount of joy”She is the love of her life. We don’t quite know why, but this match makes perfect sense. 

Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy

Comedy fans across the globe were delighted and shocked when Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy, two comedy icons, announced that they were now dating. The couple appears to still be in love. This has been confirmed by a Recent interview Lawrence gave to InTouch. “We became really good friends, we bonded on a lot of things. Obviously, we have similar backgrounds, so we understood each other on a certain level, and over time, you know, it just became more.”

Grace Gummer, Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer

Music producer Mark Ronson announced his intention to become the stepson and music producer of Mick Jones in the summer of 2021 his marriage to Meryl Streep’s stepdaughter, Grace Gummer. Ronson wrote a sweet tribute to Gummer in a birthday post for his 46th birthday. “I hope I spend every one of these birthdays by your side til my last day. And beyond. Forever and ever yours.”Due to the coronavirus pandemic they were experiencing, the couple had to have a smaller wedding.

Harry McNally and Sasha Spielberg

Famed restauranteur Keith McNally shared big news in January of this year: his son Harry is now engaged to Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Sasha Spielberg. The pair began dating in November 2020, and it didn’t take long for Spielberg to know that McNally was the one for her. In her diary the morning after the pair’s first date, Spielberg wrote “I’m gonna marry Harry!”We are anxiously awaiting more details about the elegant wedding.

We wish the happy and healthy lives of all these couples! Here’s hoping that we can continue watching these matches made in Hollywood heaven from the sidelines.

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