Rylan Clark prompts drug fears as he’s caught on camera demanding ‘gear’On night out


Rylan Clark, TV star, was filmed demanding ‘gear’While out on a night out, which is likely to cause fear among his fans.

On the video, you can hear the host of Strictly: It Takes Two. “Give me the gear”Before saying: “Delete that now or I will f***ing kill you!”

The presenter was giggling at the time, and the slurred ‘threat’This was evidently a joke.

Rylan, however, spoke out in support of the move. ‘help’After six years of marriage, Dan Neal separated from his husband last summer.

After splitting with his husband, the host admitted to drinking and sought treatment in hospital for mental problems.

33-year-old Rylan was caught on camera speaking to someone he was out with outside a busy bar in London’s West End.

The telly star was shot on a night out

Witness told the story Sunday Mirror Night out “Rylan was pretty animated and it was clear he wanted to party.

“He was in the smoking zone, but he said that he wanted out and to have a wild night. He wanted to be away from his teammates.”

A video taken on a phone saw him giggle: “Give me the gear, give me the f***ing gear and we’ll go!”

But when Rylan realised he was being recorded, the star laughed and demanded the footage be deleted.

Rylan was seen laughing and demanding the gear.

Rylan joked to his companion: “No, no, no, delete that now, delete that now or I’ll f***ing kill you!”He was then told that: “Anyway. You just said give me the gear. I’m not gonna…”

Rylan could be seen laughing while he shakes his head. “I’ll f***ing kill you!”He is reassured by his companion. “Come on, you’re with me.”

“Gear” is often used to denote drugs, particularly cocaine.

Rylan used the term for unknown reasons. It isn’t clear if he requested drugs or asked for them.

Rylan previously stated that he never felt the need for them to be near him.

Talking to OK! He said this in 2013 to OK! “It’s something I would never do.”

He recently told Davina McCall while she appeared on his Ry-union podcast: “I’ve never been in that place where I feel that I need to do something like that.

Star previously stated that he wouldn’t take drugs.

“I was in a boyband in Ibiza, so you can imagine the world that I was in living out there, [but] I never felt the need to do that. I’m a control freak.

“The thought of not being in control of something, even when I’ve had a drink. Lately I’ve gone out a few times and drunk more than I usually would, I’m quite honest about it.”

Two weeks ago, Rylan admitted in an interview that he had struggled with eating problems amid his divorce from Dan, and admitted he “Help is needed” – so was admitted to hospital for “Safety reasons”.

Speaking to The Observer, he revealed: “I didn’t think I’d be here. I didn’t think I could continue.

“I was having thoughts and doing things that made me … f**ked up, for want of a better word. I didn’t understand why I was doing that to myself. So, I went away for a bit.”

He answered yes when asked if the hospital was his destination. “Yes. For safety reasons.”

Rylan claimed that the incident helped him take control of his own life. He insists that he will do the same now “say no” if asked to do something he really doesn’t want to do, after “saying yes to everything” previously.

Silver Screen Beat reached Rylan’s reps to get their comments.

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