Rylan Clark shocks Eurovision audience amid divorce


Rylan Clark stunned the crowd with his spectacular stage return at Eurovision.

On Sunday night, the TV presenter performed an impromptu routine at the London Eurovision Party.

It came as he joined Norway’s 2022 act Subwoolfer on stage, as the wacky duo dressed in suits and wore striking yellow wolf heads.

Rylan, who was on stage with them at the time, jumped at the opportunity to do some of their choreography.

Silver Screen Beat captured Rylan’s return to the stage in exclusive footage.

Other stars to appear include the UK’s 2022 act Sam Ryder.

Rylan makes stage comeback
Rylan sent the crowd wild when he took to the stage at a Eurovision concert

Rylan was at the event as part of the BBC’s Eurovision presenting team.

The semi finals will take place in Turin, Italy.

After suffering through the hell of his marriage breakup, Rylan is now back to his best.

He split with Dan Neal last year and then took a step back from the spotlight while he dealt with mental health issues.

Rylan makes stage comeback
He was one of the 2022 contestants from Norway.

Looking back at his toughest time in an emotional interview, he said: “I was having thoughts and doing things that made me… f**ked up, for want of a better word.

“I didn’t understand why I was doing that to myself. So, I went away for a bit.”

Rylan, on the other hand, recently made his fans laugh by sharing a bizarre purchase he made after a night out.

Rylan Clark-Neal
The star split from Dan and has been going through a rough year.

He shared this with his followers: “Don’t get drunk and order picnic tables for squirrels,”Asking for a picture of a mini-picnic table with a red parasol attached. “Why am I like this?”

But, the fans quickly claimed that they loved it. As one put it: “Because the Internet needs more squirrels at picnic benches. You know what you need to do Rylan.”

A second: “Love it, they will make you smile when you see them at the table, so well worth it.”

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