Sadistic Singaporean Man Tortures Pet Poodle On Video


A sadistic 42-year old man filmed himself smirking as he tortured his pet poodle, a court heard.

Clement Chia Tian Xiang, from Singapore, recorded himself or get his cousin to film the cruel acts, which involved binding the wet poodle’s front legs and forcing it to stand on its hind legs before an operating fan.

The pet reportedly looked distressed and had been seen repeatedly hitting its head against a bed in one video.

Prosecutors said he had a “look of happiness and satisfaction” when he saw the poodle named Leslie in suffering., Yahoo News reports.

The offenses came to light in July last year when six video clips of Chia torturing the poodle went viral, the court heard.

In a 76-second long clip shown to the court, Chia can be heard threatening the poodle by saying One more time down..I slap you” before commenting in Mandarin that the poodle’s eyes were wet as it was crying.

According to local media, Leslie grew so weak that it eventually fell and was unable to stay upright.

In another self-recorded clip, he posed for the camera before pulling the poodle up by its ears, and repeatedly punching its face before grabbing its hind legs and swinging it around, while smirking at the camera.

His acts were described by a judge as not only “inhumane and vicious” but that Chia had “derived sadistic pleasure” from tormenting the animal, District Judge Lorraine Ho said on Thursday (October 8).

Defense lawyer, Foo Ho Chew, claimed Chia’s judgment was affected by the death of his father and add that he had been “nursing a mental condition” for a decade.

Chia handed the lawyer a doctor’s note from Tan Tock Seng hospital, dated 19 April 2012, for a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Norine Tan said, “We must be careful not to let some unfortunate event in one’s life become an excuse for offending, or become a way to get a low sentence especially in a case like this where no link has been shown or proven at all.

“It is not a case where he was frustrated or depressed, it is a case where he appeared to have derived joy from acts that were to him casual activities.”

Chia pleaded guilty to the court and was sentenced to eight months in jail and was banned from owning pets for a year.

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