Sakura wears a shear skirt in a new video, and LE SSERAFIM fans are putting down the hate


All eyes are on  LE SSERAFIMHYBE and Source Music launched a new Kpop girl group called HYBE. HYBE has been home to many successful boy bands, including TXT and Enhypen. Already being called “The female BTSSince their debut, LE SSERAFIM was met with high expectations.

Source Music presented the six members of the group in a series of unveilings. The new faces were Sakura Chae-won and Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha. Kim Ga–ram and Hong Eunchae were also introduced. After the unveiling of the group, there was heated discussion as members complained about their short tennis skirts. Not being sexual enoughGiven Hong’s age of only 15 years, this is possible.

This group is once more the centre of attention. On May 4, the girls released behind-the-scenes footage of their activities. “Fearless”Shoot of the EP jacket. However, fans were shocked by Sakura’s outfit in the video. It had a sheer dress. Some K-pop fans criticized the 24-year-old for her choice of dress, as most K-pop stars typically act and dress reasonably conservatively. Many fans rallied behind the singer.

LE SERRAFIM is your only option!

LE SERRAFIM fan want everyone to forget them! One tweeter said, “Let’s just leave them alone!” “Leave #LE_SERRAFIM members alone! They look comfortable in their cloths. You sound like you want these girls to be nuns.”

Naturally, only one user will agree. “Because she’s a grown woman doing grown woman things. She had appropriate covers under. Let’s not be immature and repressed people.”


Stop Criticizing Unnecessary Matters

We have here a user who debates why critics even get up in arms. “It’s not like she doesn’t use any underwear.. bruh you can definitely see she wears something under that.”

This user approves that LE SSERAFIM is taking a stylistic direction, in comparison to other K-pop girl groups.”People should really stop complaining about unnecessary things before they change their concept. Cause from what I can tell they are pursuing a mature concept which hasn’t been done in ages that I really missed!”


The Irony

One poster brought up the gender gap in K-pop. “If there was male idol the scenario would be completely different getting praise for looking good in see-through clothes.”

Another writer offered a simple but effective response. “Ikr, they will be sweating over their abs and others. The irony.”


People complain about EVERYTHING

Another user couldn’t grasp the point of all the hype. “There’s….a whole pair of leggings underneath that…good lord people complain about EVERYTHING.”

You can also add a fan. “There’s nothing wrong on what she is wearing, its not revealing at all, things become mess when we used our dirty mindsStop targeting the girls and Im glad we dont have same mindset, live your own life, dont ruin ones life.”



Sakura was defended by another commenter, who placed the blame on Sakura’s agency. “Dont ask her that ask HYBE that. damn. Y’all act like these idols WANT to be dressed in this stuff most of the time.”

Another person is also critical of the K-pop industry for her attire. “Talk about sexualizing idols – a norm in the Kpop industry and I think agencies do this concept each time because fans love it and when fans love it, it means MONEY!”They agreed. “Kpop is business! It’s not about dreams anymore!”


They are Grown Women

One Twitter user took to Twitter straight after the jump, writing: “For those who say ‘they are grown women, they can wear whatever they want’ remember that companies or stylists don’t ask idols what they want to wear.”

After some back-and-forth, another user replied. “Look if you look closely she’s wearing leggings or something underneath & nobody said ‘they’ are grown women but Sakura is she’s 24 years old. If one of the minors were wearing it you would have had a point & honestly if you have seen what she had to wear in HKT48, AS A MINOR- this honestly is that bad compared to that.”


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