Sally Nugent, BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent, has been replaced with Nina Warhurst


BBC Breakfast fans were baffled when two of their regular presenters were replaced during a major show revamp.

Sally Nugent was absent from the show on Wednesday, March 30, with Nina Warhurst taking her place.

Breakfast is typically presented by Dan Walker, Sally, and Naga Munchetty from Mondays through Wednesdays.

Dan, her permanent star, has been absent from Breakfast all week. He is currently on vacation and working to improve his golf game. Jon Kay, a temporary presenter, was able to take his place.

Sally, however has not yet shared a reason on social media why she wasn’t there on Wednesday.

Sally was absent from the show

Fans were confused by the new replacement and took to Twitter in order to voice their dismay – as well as a lot of support to Nina.

One wrote: “NINA! thank god going to enjoy Breakfast this morning, nothing against Jon, but miss DAN!”

Someone else said: “Nina you’re made for this job of morning presenter!”

“@BBCBreakfast you’re a breath of fresh air this morning Nina,”Another keen fan was added.

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