San Francisco Police Department Sgt. Davin Cole was charged with shoplifting at Rite Aid Pharmacy


San Francisco shoplifting incidents have been on the uptrend recently – and now, it seems even a cop has allegedly joined in on the crime spree.

Sgt. Sgt. Cole was allegedly trying to steal painkillers from a San Mateo store. Since then, he has been released on bond.

The shocking arrest of the sergeant comes as the Bay Area is reeling under an epidemic of shoplifting and smash-and-grab robberies, as charges over retail theft of goods under $950 have been reduced from felonies to misdemeanors. Some shops reported that they had to close down locations in San Francisco because of organized retail crime.

In a separate incident recently, an amateur photographer Louis, who wished for his last name to remain private, reported having his camera equipment stolen as two suspects watched him take photos on the Golden Gate Bridge, then allegedly followed him 40 miles to his driveway, he told Inside Edition.

While sharing footage of the incident, he explained that he had sounded his horn when the suspect appeared out of nowhere. The other suspect then smashed the back glass and grabbed expensive cameras.

Louis races after the suspects, flooring his Tesla through cinder blocks and crashing into the suspects’ car. One of the suspects then comes up to the victim’s car and fires a gun.

“It was super scary,”He said it, recalling the incident. 

Louis is now pleading for camera manufacturers to implement anti-theft protections in a petition

The number of people being prosecuted for shoplifting or petty theft has dropped from 58% to just 35%. Brook Jenkins, the former Assistant District Attorney, was one of 51 prosecutors who quit.