Sandra Bullock, Boyfriend Bryan Randall Alludedly Clashing Behind Closed Doors and Suspicious Source Claims


Are You Sandra BullockThe boyfriend Bryan Randall clashing over his refusal to marry her and the couple’s nonexistent social life? A tabloid claims that despite the fact that Bullock has been singing her boyfriend’s praises in public, she’s privately frustrated that he won’t make their relationship official. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Sandra Bullock, Boyfriend Heading For Troubled Waters?

This week’s issue of OK! magazine reports that the relationship between Sandra Bullock and her longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall isn’t quite as sweet as Bullock has made it out to be in recent interviews. According to the tabloid, Randall and Bullock are close friends behind closed doors. “rough spot” over Randall’s reluctance to pop the question. 

Randall and Randall have been in a relationship since 2016. “keeps trotting out that old cliche that they don’t need a piece of paper to be happy,”A tattler shows. Bullock on the other hand is a tattler. “has wanted to make things official for the longest time,”The source insists. That’s not the only point of tension for the two, the tabloid continues. 

It’s Not Just The Lack Of A Proposal

Sandra Bullock appears to be annoyed with Bryan Randall regarding their dispute. “nonexistent”social life. A source tells the outlet that the couple typically spend most evenings at home with Bullock’s two kids, though the UnforgiveableStar “would like more date nights and get-togethers with A-lister pals.” Her boyfriend’s “shy and aloof nature,”However, these types of date nights are difficult to plan, according to the source. 

“Bryan always finds an excuse, which is causing some friction,”The snitch continues adding to the list. “A trip to Craig’s is his worst nightmare.” Though Bullock wants the world to think she’s happier than ever, the source concludes, “she can’t help but think that Bryan’s getting a little lazy in the relationship.”  

Gossip Cop’s Take On The Rumor

What’s the truth? On one hand, we have Sandra Bullock stating herself that she doesn’t need to be married to Bryan Randall to prove their commitment to each other and that she’s perfectly happy with her current relationship status. On the other hand, we have an anonymous source talking to a disreputable tabloid about incredibly intimate details of the notoriously private Bullock’s personal life. 

What’s more likely? Or that Bullock has been lying about the world? OK!This is the latest story by, which has a history in making up stories about Oscar-winning actresses. We’ll take the wiser path and side with the latter theory. After all, last summer the outlet made two bogus claims about Bullock’s relationship with Randall. 

Past Gossip from OK!

It insisted in June that the two were fighting over Bullock’s desire to move to Texas while Randall wanted to stay in California. Bullock said that her reason for staying in LA was due to the fact her children were enrolled there and not her romantic relationship. In August, the tabloid claimed that Bullock and Clarkson were considering adopting a third baby together. Although the adoption process took a long time, there were no results within the first few months of publication. Our initial disbelief was justified.