Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones for $1B


A Connecticut jury has ruled that Infowars host Alex Jones must compensate the eight Sandy Hook victims’ families with nearly $1 billion.

There were tears among the family members as the jury read the amounts awarded to 15 different plaintiffs, which ranged between $28.8 million to $120 million, and added up to $965 million.

Jones had repeatedly claimed that Sandy Hook’s massacre in December 2012 was a hoax. The parents were also crisis actors.

Alex Jones was not present to hear the verdict.

Jones was charged with intentional infliction or emotional distress, defamation and violation of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act for fabricating a false narrative that the mass shooting was a hoax. NBC News reported.

According to NBC News reports, Jones claimed Jones profited from his lies while the families of the victims were harassed or abused by those who believed him.

A gunman broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut and opened fire almost a decade ago, killing twenty-six children and six teachers.

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