Sarah Ferguson assures royal fans that the Queen’s Corgis are in a Good Place


The recent death of Queen Elizabeth left many with questions about how the British monarchy would look now—including where the queen’s beloved pet corgis would end up. One royal family member answered this question with an Instagram post. 

Ferguson Reveals Queen’s Corgis Are Moving In With Her

“The presents that keep giving,” Sarah Ferguson captioned a picture of herself with two of the late queen’s pet dogs, Muick and Sandy. In the shots, she’s down on the ground with the animals, scratching their ears and playing with them. 

Insta comments quickly filled up with people thrilled to hear that Ferguson was the royal pet. “Brilliant Sarah and I’m sure you give them a loving happy life x what a blessing they are with you,”Someone said so. “How are you all doing. Sending loving condolences to you all.”

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Another writer wrote: “How heartbreakingly beautiful, they are in safe, gentle hands with Sarah.”Another person commented. “Lovely to see the corgis are being loved and happy.”Another writer wrote: “How blessed they are to have you Sarah.”

Ferguson Calls Dogs ‘National Treasures’

It was confirmed last month that the corgis would end up in Ferguson’s care. A recent interview was conducted with The TelegraphFerguson stated that it was “a big honor”To take the dogs on, call them “national treasures”That is what I have. “been taught well.”

The corgis will have to get used to living with Ferguson’s five Norfolk terriers, but she said they’re all adjusting well. “They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move but I’ve got used to it now,”She laughed. 

Muick and Fergus were both gifts from Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, during lockdown last year when the late Prince Philip was in the hospital. Tragically Fergus died in May and Sandy was there to take his place. The funeral for Queen Elizabeth included the dogs. Muick and Sandy stood at the entrance of Windsor Castle and welcomed the queen’s coffin during her committal service. 

Queen Elizabeth’s love of her corgis was known all over the world, and many royal fans were anxiously awaiting news about what would happen to them. It’s nice to know that Muick and Sandy will continue living at Windsor with members of the royal family.

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