Sarah Ferguson shares an update on Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis


Millions of people were moved to tears by footage broadcast Sept. 19, when Muick and the dog were brought out to watch the Queen’s coffin arrive at Windsor, her final resting spot, after a state funeral. Andrew also took photos of the puppies.

Her grandson was born just two days before. Prince William, now second-in-line to the British throne, told a worried fan waiting in line to view his grandmother’s coffin lying in state at Westminster Palace in London that he had recently seen Muick and Sandy and that the dogs were “going to be looked after fine.”

The Prince of Wales also added “They are two very friendly corgis so they’ve got a good home. They’ll be looked after very well, spoilt rotten I’m sure.”

Sandy and Muick were also survivors, as was a cocker spaniel. Lissy. Multiple reports claim that the dog, who won 2022 Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championships, is currently living with her trainer.

The Queen also cared for a dorgi named Candy for 18 years prior to her death. Multiple outlets reported after her passing that the dog died this past summer. The royal family has not yet commented.

Check out these photos of Queen Elizabeth II and her many dogs throughout the years.

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