Sarah Jayne Dunn dons tiny crop top during gym session


Sarah Jayne Dunn, a former Hollyoaks star, looks radiant in a new selfie in the gym. She shows off her toned abs while wearing a small crop top.

The OnlyFans baby, aged 40, is seen wearing a very plunging top, which shows off her enormous cleavage.

As she wore grey leggings with a split flare bottom and black and white trainers, her toned abs were evident.

Her trademark blonde locks were scooped up into a casual ponytail as she rocked out to Olivia Newton-John’s hit track, Physical.

Sarah Jayne Dunn
Sarah Jayne Dunn showed off the small crop top that highlighted her figure

The celebrity took the photo just days after announcing the launch of a new podcast on sex with Rhian Sugden.

Sarah describes the podcast as “a very good listenership experience.” “super natural progression”After she was a hit with OnlyFans, an adult-only subscription service, during the pandemic.

Hot And Bothered will be co-hosted by the couple. The show will cover a range of bedroom-related taboo topics.

Sarah Jayne Dunn
Hollyoaks star Hollyoaks isn’t afraid to take pictures

Sarah Jayne revealed the podcast on Friday night with an Instagram post.

Rhian, 35-year-old Page 3 model, met Sarah just a few months back when she reached out for support after Sarah was fired by Channel 4 for refusing to leave her OnlyFans account.

They instantly connected and began to work together on their new project.

Sarah Jayne Dunn
Sarah Jayne has teamed up with Rhian Suggden to create a new podcast.

Sarah also created the promo artwork for the podcast on Instagram. “The last few months have been a whirlwind for me, in the best and most exciting way.

“I’ve found my voice and been given the freedom to have conversations I was too afraid to have previously.”

Sarah Jayne has also admitted she won’t return to acting unless she receives an “Very serious” financial offer.

A source told MailOnline: “She’s earning a lot of money from it, she’s earning enough so that she doesn’t have to do any other work. If an opportunity came up like another acting job or something like that, she doesn’t have to do it.

“It would have to be an amazing opportunity that she’d love to do or financially, it would have to be extremely serious because she doesn’t need the income from that stuff any more.”

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