Sarah Jessica Parker is Stunned by Instagram Throwback Of Herself at 14 


Sarah Jessica ParkerParker is a star of television and movies. Many fans were shocked to see a throwback picture of Parker, which reminded them that Parker started on Broadway. 

Parker Gets ‘Sentimental And Weepy’ Over Throwback Post

An Instagram account called Bygone Broadway posts pictures of classic Broadway shows and the actors who starred in them, complete with behind-the-scenes looks at fans’ favorite shows and musicals. 

A picture of a young Parker in a costume fitting was recently shared by the company. AnnieOne of her first major roles was “The Girl in the White Hat”. The caption said, “Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Paulsgrove at a costume fitting for ANNIE at Barbara Matera Ltd. at 890 Broadway in 1979.”

The throwback photo of Parker was loved by fans and even the actress commented on it. “Oh my goodness!!!! @jbenhickey forwarded me this post,”She wrote. “Oh I’m so thrilled to see this photo.”

“I’ve no idea why this fitting was documented but I’m so grateful Mr. Leonardo did so. Makes me very sentimental and weepy,”She went on. “Took place at 890 Broadway. Barbara Matteras workroom. Those are my personal knee-hi’s and shoes. Gosh, thanks for unearthing! X, SJ.”

Many people commented on the image with their love and surprise. Sex and the CityBroadway had star once before. “I never knew she played this role,”One fan wrote. Another joked, “SJP remembers the address of a fitting 43 years ago and I can’t remember where my keys are when they’re in my pocket. Cool cool.”

SJP’s Impressive Acting Career

Parker began acting at a young age. She was also a support role in a movie. Annie. Her career was further boosted when she was offered the role of starring. Parker began her career in TV and film, appearing in hit films like Footloose, Honeymoon to VegasAnd Hocus Pocus

Parker was the iconic Carrie Bradshaw role in the 1998 film. Sex and the City. She continued to appear as a star in hit movies such as The Family StoneAnd two Sex and the City movies. Parker reprised her role as Bradshaw earlier this year. And Just Like That…

In addition, the actress continues to be seen on stage; she was most recently seen in Plaza Suite, alongside fellow ’90s star and husband Matthew Broderick. They have been married since 1997. Parker has enjoyed a varied acting career. This latest throwback Instagram photo shows just how far she has come. 

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