Sarah Jessica Parker shares rare photo of son James in celebration of his 19th birthday.


James Wilkie Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker’s son, is now officially 19 years old! The Thursday edition of the Sex and the CityStar, 56, helped to kick off her son’s birthday celebrations. She shared a rare social-media tribute as she celebrated his big day. “bittersweet”In a reflection on the changing times.

Parker shared with her fans, in a heartfelt message, that her son was marking another year. Parker went on to say that it was a special occasion. “bittersweet,”James was unable to be with his family to celebrate. Parker wrote, “he doesn’t wake with us. He is in his life. Away. In his studies. Among new friends. Sending home details. There is so much to tell.”She said, “new adults making lasting impressions. Opening his still young eyes. New thoughts. New books. New and different mornings,”Before sharing that “on this one, it’s bittersweet. Not to be with him. To wish him the most happiest of birthdays. Our Scorpio. Our Oct baby. Our JW. Happy Birthday. Balloons. Candles. Hoping every birthday wish to come true.”

Parker welcomed James back with Matthew Broderick in 2002. She also has 12-year-old twins Tabitha Hodge, and Marion Loretta Elwell. She is a proud mom who tends to keep her children out of the limelight, but she will break the rules on special occasions. Parker shared another post back in May. The “sunset of his high school career.”When she wrote that, “it’s a milestone. Not fully understood til it’s on your doorstep. And til they cross the threshold into their next mostly mysterious chapter… Just like all the other chapters that are part of the epic novel that is the story of child and parent. We, all of us Parker-Brodericks are proud, weepy and so looking forward to celebrating your coming graduation.”

Parker and Parker were married in September. An emotional post on social mediaShe said that she was “gutted”James was about to start his first year at college while Parker and her daughters were starting seventh grade. Parker said “this house is different”She was “gutted at the time passed. Passing,”But also “exhilarated by the possibilities that await them.”

Parker’s 19th birthday was marked by many big life events. His fans were keen to help him celebrate, and many commented on the post, sending birthday wishes. Jessica Seinfeld, author. “This killed me. So perfectly described. James! We love you!”Kristin Chernoweth added, “I’m dying! I haven’t seen him in so long. All grown up!”