Sarah Jessica Parker’s Friends Allegedly Expect A Divorce, Supposedly Caught Fighting With Matthew Broderick Last Year, Suspicious Rumors Say


Are you Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew BroderickIs the couple headed for divorce According to rumours, the couple have been having a difficult time getting through this latest phase. Here’s what the tabloids are saying.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Marriage In Trouble?

Last year, Woman’s Day sounded alarms for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s marriage. Parker raised production levels. And Just Like That…Broderick was bossy and Broderick was taking the brunt with her bossy attitude towards the children. “Whenever she gets involved in a new project—and they don’t get much bigger than a follow-up to her biggest hit—she goes into ‘boss mode’ and brings it home,”An insider shared the information. Their friends were worried when they saw the couple looking nervous on a beach day.

But once we caught a glance at the other photos from the couple’s beach day, we realized there was never any cause for concern. We knew the magazine was trying too hard to lead its readers in the wrong direction by sharing poorly-timed photos. However, we saw the couple looking positively relaxed in other photos. And since Broderick’s support of Parker never wavered as she starred in Sex and the City, we didn’t see any reason to buy this dubious tipster’s testimony.

Parker’s Friends Fearing Divorce?

Next Woman’s Day This time, he reported that Parker and Broderick barely spoke to each other. “Sarah’s passionate about her work and Matthew understands that but SATC got way out of hand — they were practically living separate lives by the time that show ended,”A tipster is trusted. “Sarah Jessica needs to realize it’s a slippery slope — Matthew hopes she’ll take a break from working so hard and focus on them.”

The outlet didn’t seem to remember that Parker and Broderick had their first child together in middle of SATC‘s run. Not to mention, Parker hasn’He never stopped working throughout. Obviously, the magazine just latched onto the attention Parker’s latest works were getting and decided to make up marital drama. But still, we weren’t seeing any reason to buy the outlet’s story this time either.

Matthew Broderick Feels for an Ex?

Last but not least, Neue Idea Sarah Jessica Parker reported that she was worried about her husband’s infidelity towards Jennifer Grey, his ex-girlfriend. The magazine reminds readers that in 1987 Grey was a passenger in Broderick’s car during the wreck that tragically killed two women. Apparently, Parker thought Grey and Broderick were bonded by the tragedy, even though it’s what ended up “tearing them apart.” And sources insisted Parker couldn’t get Broderick to open up about Grey. “She was Matthew’s first love,”The tipster thought.

Despite Broderick and Grey’s emotional history, the tabloid’s story seemed to be a complete work of fiction. They have been apart for many decades. Both actors have since married other people. We doubt that either one is still attached to the other. And it’s strange to bring this up now, so many years later. We had absolutely no reason to believe Parker was sweating such a random detail of Broderick’s past, so we felt comfortable dismissing this story entirely.