Sasha Banks’ Relationship With WWE is Reportedly Revealed


Sasha Banks’ According to reports, WWE has ended his tenureUnless reports change during the WWE is flooded with controversial news. Since Naomi walked out of WWE Raw, there has been much speculation about the former WWE Womens Champion.

Raj Giri shared Wednesday’s report that Banks had been officially released by WWE. However, this was confirmed by sources and was not confirmed by WWE.’s Sean Ross Sapp attempted to verify the story but could not get back to Giri or the WWE.

Thursday’s speculation and additional information was released CagesideseatsWith Mat MenAndrew Zarian,’s Andrew Zarian, said that although a release has not been officially confirmed yet but Banks’ legal team was currently working on Banks’ exit.

“I cannot confirm that she’s released, but…I did hear late last week that her attorneys were working on getting this done,”Zarian spoke out. He said that WWE didn’t want Banks to go, but they don’t consider Banks essential to their weekly product. “In their minds, they could clone Sasha with somebody else and have her fit that role, and no problem. It is now a role you are playing. It’s a role with mid-level actors. Everybody’s a mid-level actor, except for a Roman Reigns, or a Brock Lesnar, or a Cody Rhodes. Those guys are the stars.”

It could be telling of where WWE is headed regarding their talent roster and AEW’s current talent that Rhodes is being considered a star at this moment. It is not certain that Banks will return to WWE. The question is, what will Banks do next? Will she return to WWE?

The company’s handling on Banks and Naomi walking out on May 16 was very disappointing. The female stars were both publicly chastised by the company for their walkout on May 16th. They were then temporarily suspended from air on Friday Smackdown later in the week. The company had announced talent and claimed that both women were involved. “disappointed the WWE Universe.”It seems that this situation mirrors it. Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out in 2002Austin was chastised by The Rock when he took his. “ball”Go home.

According to reports, Banks’ contract had been up for two months. Naomi was in negotiations at the time of the Raw walkout. The WWE Shop removed their merchandise and removed their image from all ads and intros to the shows.