Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Koch spark an on-air debate


Today Show co-hosts Savannah GuthrieAnd Hoda KotbRecently, this was discontinued by The Tonight Show Talk about their morning show, the kids and their a “controversial” polar bear plunge. 

Guthrie And Fallon Challenge Kotb’s Polar Bear Plunge

“You started off the new year with a little controversy,” host Jimmy Fallon said, addressing Kotb. “There’s no controversy,”Kotb laughed, but Fallon continued to insist, with the help of Guthrie. 

“I think you’re going to bring up what I think needs to be addressed,”The co-host responded. Guthrie was referring to Fallon. “the polar plunge.”Polar bear plunge is an event that involves people jumping in freezing cold water. It is usually held during winter. 

“Can I set the stage?” Kotb started. “It was 16 degrees. It was freezing. [Co-host] Jenna [Bush Hager] and I were in bathing suits, okay? We had to go into the ocean, okay?”Guthrie interjected, saying: “Don’t let her reframe!”

The reason? “controversy”Fallon displayed a video showing the polar bear plunge Hager and Kotb took. The video shows Hager and Kotb walking into the freezing water. Hager plunges in but Kotb bends down, getting her head and body wet. 

“That’s not the plunge!” Fallon said. “Look at Jenna! Jenna is diving right in.”Guthrie agreed and said, “You dipped your head in the way you dip a chip in guacamole.”Kotb just giggled, while Fallon & Guthrie continued to make fun of the video. 

“Ladies and gentlemen,”Kotb spoke finally, speaking to the audience. “Did I do a polar plunge?”The Today Show When the audience members replied with overwhelming support, the host was shocked. “No!”

Fallon was the mediator and asked the audience. “But did she look cool doing it?”They said yes which seemed to placate Kotb. Fallon shared his personal experience of taking a plunge with polar bears on Lake Michigan. 

“I got out, and I heard bagpipes,”Fallon stated, before Kotb made fun of Fallon “And you thought you died.”Fallon also agreed to this, saying: “That’s what Irish people hear when they die…I thought I floated away in Lake Michigan, but I survived.”

The Pair’s Recent Honor

Guthrie and Kotb also discussed being inducted into Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame. Guthrie jokingly said that it was an honor. “That’s how you know you’re old.”Both Guthrie and Kotb have been on the Today Show For many years, polar bears have been creating controversy and conversations for their audience.

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