Savannah Guthrie Offers Update After COVID-19 Diagnosis


Savannah Guthrie has shared an update, having recently tested positive for COVID-19. Follow the Today ShowGuthrie assured viewers that she was well and would soon be back. Guthrie had previously confirmed that she was positive for COVID-19. She would need to be isolated over Mother’s Day weekend. 

Guthrie spoke to Hoda Khotb The Today ShowTeam over Video ChatBecause she is still recovering from the illness, it is difficult for her to speak out. However, she said that she will be returning to the news show on Wednesday, and would tell everyone. “I feel great. Honestly, I’m going to be back tomorrow. I just had a little cold, so I was really lucky with it.”It’s unfortunate that she was tested positive for COVID-19. However, she stated that she enjoys being able to relax at home. “Having five days by myself — can you even imagine?”

Guthrie is still active, even though she has been living in isolation. She revealed to the team that she has a passion for Quordle. “four Wordles at once.”What else has she been up to? She stated that she’s been watching more TV and taking part in other activities. “little organization projects.”Her Today ShowHer coworkers were pleased to hear that she was feeling much better. Kotb was particularly happy to hear that Guthrie was able to take some time to rest in the midst of her diagnosis. 

“You know what, that makes up for all the four-hour, six-hour nights you’ve had for the past year and change,”She spoke. “Savannah, by the way — she doesn’t miss a day. Like, when she takes a day off, it’s a huge thing. So you actually are forced into this rest, so we’re glad, and we can’t wait for you to come back, girl!” Guthrie revealed this to her Instagram followersFriday was her second positive test for COVID-19. She said that she felt good. “fine,”But, you can experience a “slight cold.”She also stated that she was “thankful to be vaccinated!” 

Guthrie was previously positive for COVID-19 back January. Coincidentally, Guthrie was also positive for COVID-19 in January. Guthrie stated that the illness was not yet under control. Deadline, “We’re trading places. I’m working from home. You’re back in the studio. You have a negative test for COVID. I just tested positive for COVID, so here we go.”

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