Savannah Lee Smith of Gossip Girl Talks about Blair Comparisons


Constance Billard is now the queen bee.

HBO Max Gossip Girl has seen Monet de Haan (Savannah Lee Smith) rise from Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander)’s sidekick to It-girl in her own right. Now that Monet has the crown (or rather the bedazzled hat), we wonder how she compares with the queens of Gossip Girl‘s past.

Savannah says that Monet is comparable to the great Blair Waldorf. Leighton Meester in the OG CW series. “She’s definitely more cunning,”E! News. “I would say she’s a little bit less camp. I feel like Blair was a camp mean girl. But Monet’s like pure mean. She’s evil, she wants to destroy you.”

Case in point: During the Dec. 15 episode, Monet invites her father’s alleged mistress to the Kiss on the Lips party in the hopes of shaming the de Haan patriarch. This clever scheming goes sour, as it is revealed that the woman is Monet’s father’s mistress.

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